'Sunset' by Lucy Humphrey, part of the 2022 6: Exhibition - art and design by six PLC Sydney alumnae.

2023 Contemporary Art & Design

...giving voice to our changing cultural landscape...

Contemporary art speaks to our experiences of today.

Each year the Adelaide Perry Gallery exhibits work by contemporary artists and designers, who give voice to the varied and changing cultural landscape of identities, values, and beliefs. In a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world, these works are important reflections of both ourselves and what it means to be Australian.

In 2022, Adelaide Perry Gallery presented 6: art and design by six PLC Sydney alumnae.Sophie Bray, Cate Caldis, Lara Chapman, Janette Hanrahan (Savage), Lucy Humphrey and Jacquie Meng.

Past exhibitions have included exhibitions such as Water Dragon – Chinese Australian Diaspora, a group exhibition of key works by five contemporary Chinese-Australian artists: Fan Dongwang, Jasmine Poole, Jason Phu, Jason Wing and Shoufay Derz.

These artists’ explorations of identity and their cross-cultural approach is central to their individual art practices, and the inspiration for bringing the collection of works together. We would also like to acknowledge the artists’ participation and the generous support of their galleries Vermillion, Artereal and Art Atrium in loaning the works to PLC Sydney.

I commend the College for providing a gallery space where students can engage directly with contemporary art and artists.

Simon Chan, Director of Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney

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