A waterfront pier pavilion located at the southern edge of Waterman’s Cove. Myeisha Taylor (Class of 2021)

2022 HSC Design and Technology, Textiles and Design

...technological and applied studies

Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) incorporates a wide range of subjects, which provide students with opportunities to engage in innovative and practical design activities, utilising diverse technologies.

The HSC design exhibition is an opportunity for our students to showcase their creative vision, innovative design practice and complex construction skills through their Major Projects. Contemporary inspiration sources are explored to ensure that a range of unique products can be created, with a functional purpose.

Students explore diverse design fields that reflect their individual interests and passions. Each design has been developed through ongoing ongoing research, idea development, prototyping, experimentation and the application of a range of high-quality decorative and structural textile techniques.

These young designers are to be commended for their perseverance and resilience, achieving and adapting their goals to be able to achieve inspired and innovative solutions.

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Our students have produced a range of inspired solutions that reflect their individual interests and passions. We celebrate the success of our wonderful designers through this exciting exhibition.

Ms Jo Herrmann Head of Faculty, Technological & Applied Studies

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