'The Corner Shop, undated' by Terence John Santry. Oil on board.

Jen Gair

Jen Gair holds a Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Art Education and Master of Visual Arts Education. 

Jen returns to PLC Sydney as both Curator of the Adelaide Perry Gallery and a member of the Visual Arts Faculty.

'Both Visual Arts and Design have always been a special place for me, a form of expression that has the potential to powerfully influence our thoughts and emotions'.

As Curator of the Adelaide Perry Gallery, Gen hopes to build and extend our students' knowledge of Visual Arts and Design by showcasing works that both challenge and inspire them. She believes in encouraging an autonomous approach to the conceptual and material musings of student-making, whilst also learning from and celebrating the traditional and the academic.

The gallery space offers the interplay of cultural and historical contexts as well as how artists and designers, both past and present, have intentionally used mark-making to represent the world around them. It is Gen's hope that our students will engage with the works as they continue on their own artistic journey. 

*Banner Artwork: 'The Corner Shop, undated', Terence John Santry. Oil on board.

I find personal enjoyment in building narrative connections for students where they can learn to acknowledge time, place, and culture and use this to explore new concepts with a renewed sense of understanding and confidence.

Gen Gair, Curator of the Adelaide Perry Gallery

Ms Jen Gair
Curator, Adelaide Perry Gallery
In 'The Croydon' Centre for Art, Design & Technology
Corner of Hennessy and College Streets
Monday to Friday – 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
T: +61 2 9704 5693
E: jgair@plc.nsw.edu.au

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