2020 HSC Visual Arts body of works by Amelia Rader (Class of 2020)

2022 Exhibitions at the Adelaide Perry Gallery

Term 1 Exhibitions

'How I Wish I Could Lighten Your Burden #5' by Maree Azzopardi. 2021 Perry Prize Finalist.
Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing 2022 Exhibition of Finalists

Saturday 26 February – Friday 25 March
Opening: Friday 25 February at 7.00 pm

Annual Exhibition of the Perry Prize Finalists selected from entries by Australian Critic, Andrew Frost.

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Term 2 Exhibitions

‘Fire and Snow’ by Harleen Robb, winning entry of the PLC Sydney Students’ Photographic Prize, 2021.
PLC Sydney Students' Photographic Prize 2022 Finalists

Friday 29 April - Wednesday 18 May
Opening Night: Thursday 28 April at 6.00 pm

Conducted in conjunction with Sydney artist and Contemporary Photographer Teena McCarthy

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Watch our Year 12 students working on their HSC major works at Open Day.
Open Day and Fair

Saturday 7 May from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

The exhibition called Country and Culture features works by Sydney Photographer, Teena McCarthy and the PLC Sydney Student Photographic Prize Finalists. There will also be tours of The Croydon Studios where you will be able to see our Artist-in-Residence, Keith Fyfe, working.

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Bundanon Dreaming showcases paintings and drawings inspired by a two-day National Art School workshop, and visit to Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Homestead.
Bundanon Dreaming

Thursday 26 May - Wednesday 22 June
Opening Night: Wednesday May 25 at 7.00 pm

Works by Year 11 Visual Arts students, featuring works by Sydney painter and Artist-in-Residence, Keith Fyfe.

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Term 3 Exhibitions

2021 Design and Technology student, Lauren Flint's, HSC major work.
HSC Design and Technology, Textiles and Design Exhibition

Thursday 28 July – Tuesday 2 August
Opening: Wednesday 27 July at 6.30 pm

The major projects in Design and Technology and Textiles and Design by Year 12 PLC Sydney students will be displayed and awards presented.

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Lucy Radar (Class of 2022) 'Foreclosure', Painting (detail) ARTEXPRESSION 2022
ArtExpression HSC Visual Arts

Tuesday 9 August – Thursday 18 August
Closing celebrations: Thursday 18 August at 7.00 pm

The HSC Bodies of Work produced by Year 12 PLC Sydney Visual Arts students will be displayed and awards presented.

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2021 Transition Visual Arts installation
PLC Sydney Transition Exhibition

Friday 2 September – Thursday 15 September
Opening Lunchtime: Thursday 1 September at 12.30 pm

Artworks produced by our Transition students will be exhibited for all to view. This Exhibition is full of joy and colour.

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Term 4 Exhibitions

Contemporary Art & Design Exhibition

Friday 14 October - Wednesday 26 November
Opening: Thursday 13 October at 7.00 pm

Art and design by six PLC Sydney alumnae.

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Wednesday 2 November - Wednesday 9 November
Opening: Tuesday 1 November at 6.00 pm

An exhibition celebrating PLC Sydney Junior School students' artwork from Pre- Kindergarten to Year 6.

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Thursday 17 November - Friday 2 December
Opening: Wednesday 10 November at 6.30 pm

An exhibition of art and design works by students of PLC Sydney from Year 7 to Year 11.

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