'Living Terrain', Drawing by Alexandra Bell (Year 12, Class of 2021)

ArtExpression HSC Visual Arts

...celebrating student achievement

The HSC Bodies of Work produced by PLC Sydney's Year 12 Visual Arts students will be displayed and awards presented.

Our Visual Arts HSC cohort is a large, diverse, and talented group of artists who have a variety of rich experiences and personal stories to communicate through their works of art.

These individuals have undertaken media and processes that have extended them as practitioners and stretch their audience to reconsider the themes they represent through each lens on the world we inhabit.

Artworks in the expressive forms of painting, drawing, photomedia, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and animation demonstrate the range of skill and imaginative approaches to materiality these artists have made to produce exceptionally sophisticated and refined works.

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I congratulate each and every HSC Visual Arts student on the standard of their outstanding works and acknowledge their bravery in finding their authenticity and voice as an artist over the past year and for sharing their vision with us.

Ms Jo Knight, Head of Faculty, Visual Arts

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