Looking Beyond Art Competition_Isabella Loo, Year 8, detail.

Looking Beyond, 2021 Online Art Compeition

...communicating a feeling of hope, joy and positivity...

With so much time spent on screens during the extended period of online learning in 2021, students of PLC Sydney were encouraged to go outdoors and get creative.

As a part of the competition, students were asked to create an en plein air artwork with the viewpoint of looking up, including the sky (at day or night), communicating a feeling of hope, joy and positivity,as well as demonstrating an employment of colour and an imaginative approach to subject matter.

Ms Jo Knight, Head of Faculty, Visual Arts

Our budding artists across the College were given an invitation to produce a work of art in any style or medium, as an opportunity to use art as a vehicle to communicate a sense of hope amidst the lockdowns and challenges of COVID.

Looking Beyond encouraged the school community to look up and out, both physically and conceptually as we all tried to look towards the future with a sense of positivity beyond our four walls during lockdown.

Ms Jo Knight and Mrs Alison Lloyd, provided inspirational resources demonstrating a range of artistic approaches in representing nature in ways which enable the viewer to be transported into a space of respite with the help of the artmaking techniques of perspective, light and by working directly from the subject.

An impressive number of entries revealed a diverse range of styles and techniques from our Junior and Senior School artists.

Exhibition finalists and category winners were carefully selected and judged by Ms Knight, Mrs Lloyd and the Adelaide Perry Gallery Curator, Ms Tiffeny Fayne who met at the end of Term 3 to view the entries. Finalists and winners were included in an online exhibition and the winners of each category were rewarded with a $50.00 art supply gift voucher.

The winning artworks displayed outstanding confidence, technical skill and unique artistic vision that transport the viewer into emotional and spiritual realms beyond the everyday.

Congratulations to all who participated for lifting our spirits through art during this extended period of lockdown.

View our 2021 Online Competition Catalogue of Works

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